ATF Full Synthetic Universal
  • ATF Full Synthetic Universal

    Formulated with synthetic base stocks and premium performance additives, Ultra1Plus™ Transmission Fluid Full Synthetic ATF Universal is a premium high-viscosity, heavy-duty synthetic transmission lubricant.


    This product contains a premium performance additive package designed for excellent oxidation stability and thermal resistance as well as excellent friction modification properties.


    Ultra1Plus™ Transmission Fluid Full Synthetic ATF Universal is a universal automatic transmission lubricant which is suitable for use in nearly all makes and models of automatic transmissions including passenger cars, light trucks, heavy-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, as well as off-road vehicles.


    Ultra1Plus™ Transmission Fluid Full Synthetic ATF Universal highlights:

    • Exceptional frictional stability to eliminate slippage.
    • Superior protection against wear, sludge formation, rust and corrosion; even under extreme operational conditions.
    • Excellent therm-oxidative stability , low temperature properties, seal compatibility and foam resistant.
    • Reduce noise, vibration and harshness of Wet-Clutch performance.
    • Synthetic technology for long life performance.